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The Republican view of Rape – along with a few quotes they wish they could take back.

I have always been under the impression that rape was rape – nothing more – nothing less.

To be sure – my position on rape is that rape is criminal, immoral, repulsive, horrible, and I am sure quite painful and demoralizing for the woman.

I have always assumed that everyone shared my position on rape even if I had never made my position known – after all, I never knew of anything that would make me think different.

Republicans keep saying that they are for a smaller national government – a government that costs the taxpayers less of their hard-earned dollars.

Almost everything I have read dealing with the Republican position regarding abortion has had to do with funding – that Republicans are opposed to tax dollars paying or partially paying for abortions.

That assumption led me to believe that dollars and cents mattered more than life itself – that it was okay for someone to go to an abortion clinic and pay for their own abortion as long as government funds did not pay for any of it.

But, then I read where Republicans were doing everything possible to defund Planned Parenthood – even when Planned Parenthood was providing tons of services in addition to family planning – things like mammograms, pap smears, breast exams, cancer detection, and over 4 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Republicans would like to see Planned Parenthood simply go away and considering all the good this organization does throughout the year, I do understand why.

Could it be because so many low and middle income Americans use their services?  Could it be that if Planned Parenthood went away, a good number of the lower income people who depend on Planned Parenthood would also go away?  What I am saying here is that some of the poor who depend on Planned Parenthood would end up dying without its’ services.  I bet the number of men and women in the top 10 percent income earners who have gone to Planned Parenthood for care can be counted on one hand.

Three percent of services provided by Planned Parenthood are abortion related – and by simple math, the remaining 97 percent of its’ services are non-abortion related.  Over three million Americans depend on Planned Parenthood for basic health care services. 

So is the Republican party willing to destroy the good that Planned Parenthood does just so they get their way regarding abortions?  It sure seems like it.

So, let’s say that their stand has to deal with dollars and cents more than a baby’s right to life.  If that is the case, the costs associated with bringing an unwanted pregnancy to full term and delivery, along with the government cost associated with the care and feeding of an unwanted child could easily run into tens of thousands of dollars until that child reached adulthood.

So, strictly from a cost point of view, the partial government funding of abortion – somewhere in the vicinity of hundreds of dollars would be more than offset by all the expenses related to medical expenses, education, and sheltering an unwanted child. 

So, it cannot only be dollars and cents. 

So, what else?

Oh, the value of life itself – that must be it.

So, if life matters, why is it the Republican Party supports continuous war – war that results in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent women, children, infants, and the elderly in countries we attack and occupy for years?

Is death and war acceptable because the people we kill speak a different language and worship a different God and dress differently and usually are a different color and ethnicity?

Maybe it’s because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe guilt by association.  That must be it.

Abortion is not simply a Left or Right issue – it isn’t that everyone is either Pro Life or Pro Abortion – there is a third option and that is Pro Choice.

Considering that Republicans want smaller government and their believe is that government should not manage our rivers, our coal plants, our oil wells and fracking for natural gas – then why should our government be in our bedrooms?

I am not Pro Abortion any more than I am Pro Life – what I believe is that it should be a woman’s choice – nothing more – nothing less.

I also believe that at some point in a pregnancy, a woman should no longer have the choice of aborting a pregnancy, but I have no idea of how that cutoff should be regulated by our medical community and or our government.  Some say that an unborn child should not be aborted beyond a point in time that the child could live on its own without the need to be on life support.

I believe as adults we also have the right to decide for ourselves to no longer remain on life support.  I believe one of the terms used in deciding whether a person wants to live or not is “DNR” or Do Not Resuscitate.”

To my knowledge there is nothing comparable when a premature child is born – in many cases, even when the child is extremely premature, hospitals will spend an unlimited amount of money to keep a child alive even knowing that the child was not capable of sustaining life on its own.  I don’t believe the parents even have a say in situations like that.  I might be wrong.

So, where are we?  It seems like Republicans are wishy washy regarding life.  Sometimes they will relate their position to tax dollars while other times they will say it is due to the sanctity of life and scripture.  Maybe it gets down to a case by case analysis – if the child is from parents who are poor or maybe it gets down to race or ethnicity.  I hope not.

I really think it is because Republicans want everyone to think it is because they, as a members of a political party, are closer to God.  I believe they feel that Democrats have lost their moral compass – considering they tend to support gay marriage and abortion and Republicans know they can use both issues as a political football, in hopes of swaying votes in local and national elections.

The Republican position on abortion has gone so far to the right many Republicans who are more centrist are uncomfortable with where their party has gone in the past ten or twelve years.

Abortion has gotten to be so divisive recently that some brazen Republicans have made statements that have caused outrage in the media – but the centrist Republicans have moderately protested but still supported each candidate who has, in Republican eyes, made a misstep – or made a mistake in wording.

Believe me, the words themselves are not a mistake – what is a mistake is that those words were made in haste even when the words really describe the exact position of the candidate. The real mistake is that a candidate did not make the statement in some small room only in the presence of some dedicated constituents – instead these comments were said in the presence of a few individuals who care about the rights of women.  The general consensus is that it is a woman’s right to choose and not the right of an extreme “out of touch political party” to force their position on women who are in a position where they need to choose a solution to their given situation.

I am sure everyone in America has viewed the short video of Romney, in the company of his cronies, talking about the 47 percent of Americans.  As a result, I will not go into detail surrounding that video – nor will I beat Romney’s comments to death – what I will do instead is give some shining examples of a handful of jerks to the right who have made disgusting comments about abortion and whether a woman can or cannot make her own choice regarding terminating a pregnancy.

Below is an extract from

“Some Republicans, like Mitt Romney, have tried to distance themselves from their party’s rhetorical obsession with sexual violation. What they’re hoping we won’t notice is the fact that their party is politically committed to sexual violation.

Opposition to abortion in all cases – rape, incest, even to save the pregnant woman’s life or health – is written into the Republican party platform. Realizing they can’t make abortion illegal overnight, conservatives instead rally around smaller initiatives like mandatory waiting periods, transvaginal ultrasounds and mandated lectures about “life” to make abortion as expensive, difficult and humiliating as possible.

Republicans bow to the demands of “pro-life” organizations, not a single one of which supports even birth control, and the GOP now routinely opposes any effort to make birth control or sexual education available and accessible. They propose laws that would require women to tell their employers what they’re using birth control for, so that employers could determine which women don’t deserve coverage (the slutty ones who use birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy) and which women do (the OK ones who use it for other medical reasons).”

Now back to the quotes I promised you earlier:

“I’m as pro-life as a person gets. You’re not going to have a truce.” – Paul Ryan  Vice Presidential candidate, on why abortion should be banned even in the case of rape, incest, or endangering a woman’s health. When asked about jailing women for having an abortion he said, ‘If it’s illegal, it’s illegal.’”

The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked…– I point the finger in their face and say “you helped this happen.” – Jerry Falwell on why 9/11 happened.

“Rape is kinda like the weather. If it’s inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” – Clayton Williams, 1990 Republican candidate for Texas governor who lost to Democrat Ann Richards.

The topic of emergency contraception for rape victims came up and Republican Senatorial candidate from Connecticut, Linda McMahon, said “It was really an issue about a Catholic church being forced to offer those pills if the person came in in an emergency rape.” Yes. Emergency rape. Opposed to non-emergency rape? What is the difference exactly?

“The right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you.” Rick Santorum Republican Presidential Candidate, 2012

“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” – Todd Akin, Republican Senatorial Candidate.

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, the journalist asked Ron Paul, the Presidential candidate what he would do in the “very unlikely” event that one of Paul’s granddaughters were raped.  Paul, ever the benevolent, empathetic grandpa, replied, “If it’s an honest rape, that individual should go immediately to the emergency room, I would give them a shot of estrogen.”

“I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” Richard Mourdock, Republican Senatorial candidate from Indiana.

Wisconsin state representative Roger Rivard, asserted:

“Some girls rape easy.”

Douglas Henry, a Tennessee state senator, told his colleagues:

“Rape, ladies and gentlemen, is not today what rape was. Rape, when I was learning these things, was the violation of a chaste woman, against her will, by some party not her spouse.”

Republican activist Phyllis Schlafly declared that marital rape doesn’t exist, because when you get married you sign up to be sexually available to your husband at all times.

And when asked a few years back about what kind of rape victim should be allowed to have an abortion, South Dakota Republican Bill Napoli answered:

“A real-life description to me would be a rape victim, brutally raped, savaged. The girl was a virgin. She was religious. She planned on saving her virginity until she was married. She was brutalized and raped, sodomized as bad as you can possibly make it, and is impregnated. I mean, that girl could be so messed up, physically and psychologically, that carrying that child could very well threaten her life.”

Sharron Angle, who ran for a US Senate seat out of Nevada, said she would tell a young girl wanting an abortion after being raped and impregnated by her father that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and that she should make a “lemon situation into lemonade”.

The quotes are over, so let me wrap up here.

In my estimation, lemons are part of a recipe for lemonade but surely rape is not part of the recipe for giving birth – love and lovemaking is part of the formula for bringing a child into this world.

In closing, the Republican Party and the top one percent of America is complicit in taking away the right to vote for many of the 47 percent of Americans they do not value.

The groups they are mainly focusing on are people of color – mostly blacks and Hispanics.  In addition, they are focusing on students, the elderly, our military – including active duty and retirees, and the majority of poor Americans.

The above groups are the groups they are doing their all to prevent from voting.

Republicans, on the other hand, are reaching out to women to get them to vote for Republican candidates.

What I have not figured out yet is why they are openly trying to take away a woman’s right of Pro Choice, while at the same time asking them to vote for Republicans.

Republicans are also trying to blame Democrats for everything that is currently not going well in America – while at the same time obstructing Democratic efforts to jump start the economy.  Republicans are doing everything to delay a meaningful recovery and blaming it all on Democrats so Republicans can regain control of the Senate, the House, and even the White House.

All this is being done so Republicans can reduce taxes on the rich and pay for it with reductions or elimination of social programs – things like food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and even Social Security.

What the above translates to is Robin Hood in reverse – stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich.

What we, and by that I mean the 47 percent, along with another 25 or 30 percent need to do, is to get out and vote for every Democratic candidate running for office.

Don’t get me wrong – if you know of a corrupt Democrat, do not vote for him or her – but don’t hesitate to vote for a Democrat you know nothing about.

If Republicans get control of the Senate while keeping control of the House, they will recommend 2 or 3 individuals to the Supreme Court.

It is also important to keep Romney and Ryan from getting voted into the White House.

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