Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 29, 2012

Women’s issues are important to women but they also affect men.

One could fill a James Patterson novel with all the controversial comments made in the past 3 or 4 months by Republicans regarding Abortion, Personhood, Equal Pay, and ObamaCare.

Even though many of the comments made regarding abortion were from the fringe of the Republican Party, mainstream Republicans have been reluctant to take exception to the remarks because they are more concerned with regaining control of the Senate than standing up to the radical right.

The first three topics above, specifically Abortion, Personhood, and Equal Pay are usually referred to as “Women’s Issues,” but I beg to differ.

There is an old saying, “No man is an island.” Loosely translated, it means, “Human beings do not thrive when isolated from others.”  One could easily replace “man” with “woman” in the above saying and it applies equally as well.

Men might naively say they are not interested in what are perceived as women’s issues or they might say they are not affected by women’s issues, but if they took the time to really give thought to their position – they would realize women’s issues hit a lot closer to home than they would like to admit.

The woman walking into a Planned Parenthood clinic for a health care checkup might be your daughter, your sister, your mother, your lover, your fiancé, your wife, or maybe the woman you ride to work with in a car pool.

The woman who is fighting for equal pay or equal rights in the workplace could be the woman you wake up next to every morning or if you are in the dating scene she might be the person you wake up next to on Saturday or Sunday morning.

The woman fighting for equal pay will lose out under a Republican Administration because Republicans oppose equal pay for women.

The woman who depends on Planned Parenthood for the bulk of her medical care will lose out under a Romney Administration as he has said he wants to defund Planned Parenthood.  If that happens, where will she turn to for health care?

The woman, who has a preexisting condition, who is seeking medical care under ObamaCare might be the woman you hope to have a child with someday.

If Romney is elected, he has promised to repeal ObamaCare and the woman you love will no longer have the healthcare she is just starting to appreciate.

Keep in mind that ObamaCare was not one big rollout – many significant features of ObamaCare are being implemented over a period of years.  When the plan is fully implemented in 3 or 4 years, I doubt there would be anyone would want the plan repealed.

Well, let me rephrase that last sentence.  The only people who might be against ObamaCare are those young healthy materialistic individuals who feel they are super humans who never get sick and as a result are against paying medical premiums – regardless of amount.

The fact of the matter is that “stuff” happens – young people end up in vehicle accidents and suffer other injuries due to their sometimes reckless or risky behavior – such as skiing accidents, hang gliding, extreme sports, and accidents and injuries attributed to drinking and drug use.

If everyone treated ObamaCare premiums just like their mandatory auto insurance, then the value of the program would be better appreciated.

If the Republicans win and Roe v. Wade is overturned or if a Personhood amendment is passed, the pregnant woman seeking professional guidance regarding terminating her pregnancy might be your eighteen year old daughter or even your 47 year old divorced mother who has just reentered the dating scene.  Accidents happen – so do rape and incest.

The Republican platform at the Republican Convention this year, opposed abortion in all cases – even rape, incest, or the health of the mother.

Paul Ryan, the V. P. candidate for the Republican Party is against abortion – regardless of the reason.

There is a scramble by both parties to get the women’s vote but only one party is being honest in the process.

You can tell Halloween is right around the corner because over the past several weeks most Republican candidates at the state level and national level are dressing up as  “Democrats” to make the voters believe they have the interests of the 47 percent at heart.

Unfortunately, if Republicans get elected, they will tear off their “democratic costumes” and do everything possible to nail the 47 percent to the wall by reducing funds for all social programs that have been implemented as safety nets for the poor and middle class.

I pity the Republican candidates because at the end of the day they all have to go home and look in their mirrors and stare at the liars they have become.

I could appeal to men from an economic point of view as well.

Sometimes it takes talking about money – especially discretionary spending – to get a man’s attention.

Getting back to pure dollars and cents, that woman who is fighting for equal pay might be the woman you are married to or she might be the woman you have just proposed to and you are discussing financial issues that will affect your future.

Again, that woman you are hoping to get an apartment with or buy a home with simply wants to be treated equally in the workplace.

In this economy, the money she makes will no longer be considered supplemental income to the family – it now is an integral part of the family income that will be used to make mortgage payments and car payments and part of the money that needs to be put aside for your children’s education or put aside for retirement planning.

The other important factor regarding equal pay is that there are times when “her” income might be the only income – thanks to layoff’s or outsourcing or downsizing or when jobs are shipped overseas thanks to companies like Bain Capital.

In many households the woman’s salary is the larger of two salaries, so when a woman is not treated equally regarding equal pay, the family suffers as a whole – not just the woman.

In closing, this election is critical to all.

ObamaCare might be the difference between being able to survive health issues or being financially destroyed because your preexisting conditions prevented you from getting health care.

No matter your political persuasion, take the time to evaluate the candidates and their positions and how they affect you and yours.

Don’t restrict yourself by labeling yourself a “liberal” or “conservative” or a “Democrat” versus a “Republican”.

The world is a different place from what it was even a decade ago.  Take time to evaluate what is important to you and yours and vote accordingly.

Vote your wallet if you must, but also vote with your heart and your conscience.  Just be sure to vote.

Please participate in polls and please take the time to leave a comment.  Thanks.





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