Posted by: kevinfortruth | November 2, 2012

Romney – an ounce of truth and a ton of lies about jobs going to China.

There is a big debate going on about the possibility of Jeep moving / creating jobs in China to build some or all Jeep vehicles.  In reality, this should not even be a story – but because Romney stretched the truth beyond the pale, the story is growing legs.

From what I understand, there appears to be an increasing demand for Jeep type vehicles in China – thanks to China’s billion plus population, the topography of China that consists of mountain ranges and rugged terrain and the fact that Jeep makes darn good vehicles.

From what I understand, Romney read some kind of article on Bloomberg where a reference was made to Jeep planning to build sport utility vehicles in China or to expand their production of vehicles in China.  The article never said that Fiat/Chrysler/Jeep was discontinuing manufacturing of Jeeps in Ohio nor did it say which models of Jeeps it was considering to manufacture in China.

The Romney campaign took the ‘half-baked” Jeep story and stretched it in a way to imply that Jeep was defecting from Ohio to manufacture all future Jeep vehicles in China.

The Romney campaign could have fact checked with the author of the Bloomberg article but they chose not to.

They could have fact checked with Jeep or Chrysler or even Fiat, but again, they chose not to.  Why?

My opinion is that someone in the Romney campaign chose to create a political ad based on lies – knowing they might be caught with their “magic pants” down.  They decided to take their chances.  The worst-case scenario is that they could have retracted their ad – the best-case scenario is that they might pick up tens of thousands of swing voters to vote Republican and that would be worth the risk.

The Obama campaign immediately challenged the Romney ad.  In addition, General Motors and Chrysler debunked the Romney ad in the media in Ohio and Michigan.

All of what I said, so far, represents the “ton” of lies by Romney and his cronies.

So, what is the ounce of truth, if there is one?  First, I chose to use ounces as a unit of measure because I am not a “metric” person – otherwise, I would have used some kind of metric unit of measure – like “cc’s or grams.”

Where Romney got it correct is that there have been and will continue to be companies in the United States moving their manufacturing and jobs from the United States to China.

One thing is certain – moving jobs from the United States to China is one of the areas that Romney knows a lot about.

Supposedly, Romney has stepped down from Bain Capital and as a result, he says he is not involved in any management decisions or day-to-day operations.  In addition, Romney says much of his money is in a blind trust and he has no say in how it is managed.  Let’s give him that.

The “ounce” of truth about jobs going to China is that they are going to China from Freeport, Illinois and they are not Jeep jobs – they are auto parts manufacturing jobs from a company called Sensata – a company Romney and Bain Capital bought a few years ago.

Sensata just had its most profitable year, yet Bain was unhappy with Sensata’s record profits – they wanted more – and to get more Bain decided to sell Sensata to the Chinese so they could realize a huge one-time windfall.  With that windfall, Bain (and Romney) could buy other companies and repeat the cycle again and again.

Just so everyone knows, I have no objections to companies making a profit and I have no problem with companies doing creative things to make even more profit.

Where I draw the line is when one company, like Bain, sells a  profitable company like Sensata to make one time profits at the expense of terminating 170 hardworking, dedicated employees, leaving them without healthcare, jobs, and even pensions they have been paying into for decades in some cases.  In addition, some of these terminated employees will probably have to default on their mortgages.

Unless Romney is in a coma or on life support, he knows full well about what is happening at Sensata.

In fact, Sensata is scheduled to close its doors for the last time the day before the elections on November 6th.

Romney talks about getting tough with China regarding the value of their currency.

Romney could instead, get tough with Bain Capital.   Considering that Mitt Romney owns 51 percent of Bain, he will realize 51 percent of the profits Bain will make from the sale of Sensata to China.

Romney could make a very meaningful gesture and tell Bain to cancel the sale of Sensata – which will allow Sensata to remain “as is” in Freeport, Illinois.  A gesture like that could possibly put Romney over the top in the popular vote and maybe even give him the  Electoral Vote as well, but Romney, being Romney, is not going to lose the opportunity to make a quick million or more on the sale of Sensata.

Romney has obviously lost his moral compass – assuming that he ever had one.  He is overly materialistic and driven by the ever-loving buck and he will do anything and step on anyone to maximize his wealth and the value of his offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and Bermuda.

In my estimation, Romney is not a God fearing man – instead, I believe he is a money grubbing instrument of the Devil driven only by greed.


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