Posted by: kevinfortruth | November 7, 2012

It was Romney’s to lose and he is mostly to blame for the loss. Here are some of the reasons.

Warning! The reasons I am presenting are not necessarily in order of importance – but obviously when I made this shotgun list, I put them together as they came to mind – i.e. many of the important ones to me are higher on the list.


  • Romney’s arrogance about not releasing his taxes.  It made it look like he was hiding something.  Also, he said he was going to redo tax deductions and his personal tax strategy was based on maximizing deductions.
  • Romney appearing to be a compulsive liar.
  • Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for a running mate but then he treated Ryan like a step-child – Romney talked about his own budget instead of Ryan’s budget plan.  When he did that, it seemed to place them at odds.
  • Romney’s condescending attitude toward Obama – it came across like Romney was a rich white plantation owner and Obama was the head gardener on the plantation who Romney was hell bent on firing.
  • Romney’s original position on the auto bailout – “Let them go bankrupt.” That position lost significant votes for him in Michigan and Ohio.
  • Romney lying about Jeep moving all production to China and then continuing to double down instead of saying he was wrong. Doubling down on a lie might have cost him Michigan and Ohio.
  • Romney not pulling support for Mourdock after his remark on God and rape. It would have been better off for Republicans to lose one Senate seat to give voters impression Romney cared about Women. Not creating distance between him and Mourdock probably cost Romney many women votes.
  • Romney’s comment about “Binders of qualified women.” If Romney mentioned that he already had some qualified women in mind but that he wanted more choices to review, it might have helped him with women.
  • Romney’s saying he wanted Roe v. Wade overturned.
  • The clandestine video of Romney talking negative about the 47 percent being dependent on government and that they feel they are victims.  It didn’t help that he was speaking to millionaires at a $50,000 a plate dinner. That video probably cost Romney 10 – 20 percent of Black and Hispanic votes.
  • Romney insisting on $2 trillion increase in Defense spending that military did not ask for and Romney did not explain how he was going to pay for it.
  • Romney’s initial insensitive comments about the attack in Benghazi. This showed that Romney cannot work across the aisle in a crisis issues – he is only interested in being divisive.
  • Romney’s obsession with President’s handling of Benghazi attack and aftermath.
  • Romney’s comment about Obama “turning back the sea.” By itself the statement was not that offensive but when Sandy hit the East Coast, Romney’s comment went viral.
  • Ann Romney getting mad that the media were attacking Mitt.
  • Mitt’s son tag saying he wanted to punch Obama – again showed the Romney’s appearance of being racist.
  • Romney’s Mormon religion and his church’s stand for decades on Blacks, Hispanics, and Americans.
  • Romney being ridiculous about saying he was going to take China to task about currency manipulation – when everyone knows full well that Bain and Romney deal with China extensively.
  • How Bain and Romney treated Sensata.  It is one thing to outsource jobs to China, but to dismantle a successful company and ship the whole factory to China is another thing.
  • Romney not supporting Equal Pay for women.
  • The fear of Romney loading the Supreme Court with ultra conservative judges.
  • Romney’s support of a Personhood amendment.
  • Romney not being specific about what deductions he would eliminate from the tax code.
  • Romney going off to France while soldiers were dying in Vietnam.
  • Romney’s disasterous trip to Europe.
  • Romney’s unlikability rating – Ann tried to make him appear human – but most people feel he is more like a robot.
  • Romney appearing to flip-flop on issue after issue.
  • Not knowing which Romney would sit in the Oval office.
  • Romney promising to repeal ObamaCare on Day one.
  • Romney suggesting that “illegals” should self-deport. His suggestion really hurt him with Hispanics.
  • Romney and Ryan avoiding the public.  Seemed like if they avoid public before election, they would do the same for four years.
  • Romney’s promise to drop lawsuit against Arizona for cracking down on undocumented immigration.
  • Romney’s promise to drop corporate taxes by another 20 percent. Many Americans feel corporations are doing just fine – and they feel it is Americans that need a break instead.
  • Romney and Ryan rumored desire plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program.
  • Fear of Republicans repealing Equal Rights amendment.
  • Fear of Republicans eliminating minimum wage.
  • Obvious voter suppression by Republican governors in swing states – and with Romney at the head of the ticket and saying nothing about voter suppression, if reflects on his character.
  • Romney’s distorted view of his record in Massachusetts.
  • Romney suggesting that Americans should borrow money from parents to start a business – shows how out of touch he is with average Americans – especially lower income Americans.
  • Romney’s coming across as having a sense of entitlement.
  • Romney’s comment about wife Ann driving a “couple of Cadillac’s.” – again, it shows how out of touch he and his wife are with average Americans.  It is one thing for Bloomberg, a billionaire, to be mayor of NYC, but average Americans resent a multimillionaire being in the White House.
  • Romney saying something off-the-cuff one day and then his campaign backtracking the next day.  That happened way too often and he lost credibility for it.  As a result, Romney’s campaign taped Romney’s mouth shut for almost three weeks.
  • Romney’s arrogance in two of the three debates.
  • Romney’s negative ads late in the campaign.
  • The fear by average Americans that Romney would pursue war first against Iran versus sanctions. In a nutshell, Americans are sick and tired of war. Romney did nothing to tap down that fear – in reality, he escalated it when he kept talking about a red line – “My red line is Iran may not have a nuclear weapon,” Romney told network host George Stephanopoulos.
  • Romney not being able to counter Obama’s comments on “horses and bayonets.”  Romney looked out of touch with the needs of our military – he was counting ships – not knowing our true military capabilities.
  • Romney saying that he, “likes to fire people.”
  • Romney’s firm stand on marriage being between one man and one woman.

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