Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 18, 2013

A letter from the Sandy Hook 26 to President Obama

Mr. President,

Please do not put in an assault weapons ban or a ban on high capacity clips for us – for we are gone and nothing can help us.

Also, do not implement background checks at gun shows for us either – for the very same reason.

What we do ask, however, is that you implement all three to reduce the possibility of so many kids and adults from ever being killed at one time again.

We know that the world is grieving because so many died at Sandy Hook, but we also realize that hundreds of kids and adults die every week in inner cities across America.  Why?

We don’t hear about “them” because so many of them are either black or Hispanic and they are killed one or two at a time – usually by someone with a handgun – not an assault weapon.

The truth of the matter, Mr. President, is that all weapons kill – but some guns shoot bullets so fast that they kill many kids and people in a matter of minutes – so fast that police cannot respond in time.

If what happened at Sandy Hook happened at an elementary school in Chicago or Los Angeles or Newark or Houston or Atlanta or even Philadelphia, those who died would already be forgotten – and that saddens us.

The country is up in arms mainly because the majority of us were  “white” – but that might be good in our case – because if us being white is what it takes to change the laws – then our sacrifice will not be in vain.

The issue, Mr. President, is not just assault weapons and the high capacity clips.  Sure, if a law is implemented to restrict both of those it might prevent another Sandy Hook from happening but it will do absolutely nothing to reduce inner city murders – that is where gun show background checks will help.

Many people do not know it but many of us were shot between 2 and 11 times each – but I believe none of us felt anything after the first bullet.

We did nothing to deserve what happened to us any more than the inner city kids who are killed daily across the United States.

Please do not forget to implement laws requiring background checks at gun shows.

That one law could help prevent the deaths of hundreds, and maybe thousands of Americans who are killed every year because weapons are sold at gun shows to people who probably should not have access to them.

Please think of us when you are implementing these changes but also think of the thousands of kids who are killed all across the country who never make the news.  Some of them do not even make their local newspaper or television news.

Maybe we, at Sandy Hook, were meant to die so changes could be made to protect tens of thousands of kids down the road.

If that is the case, our parents and siblings and other relatives and friends will be able to cope more with what happened at our school.

Please, Mr. President, do not let our deaths be in vain.

What happened to those people who used to say, “If we can do something to prevent the death of even one child……”

What is more important, Mr. President, allowing grown men to unnecessarily have assault weapons so they can act like kids or implementing sound gun control laws to save the lives of kids?

Now is the time, Mr. President.

Comments appreciated

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