Posted by: kevinfortruth | March 11, 2013

The Good and the Bad of UCONN vrs DePaul women’s basketball game last night.

The Good and the Bad of UCONN vrs DePaul women’s basketball game last night.

Overall it was a great game for UCONN.

The good

–     It appears that Geno worked hard to have his team make adjustments – the results prove that.

–     Stewie had a breakout game and she is only going to get better and stronger from here. She sure loves shooting 3’s but learning to play in the paint more. Her blocks and rebounds made a big difference this time. Dolson had some rest thanks for Stewie, Tuck, and Stokes.

–     Jefferson showed her appreciation for her first opportunity to start by doing quite well – she hustled, scored and passed the ball well. She used her speed well going to the basket. She proved worthy of another start.

–     Faris – Enough said.  No, really, she played another overall great game – especially considering the pain she is reluctant to talk about.

–     Dolson – again proved she is the backbone and heart of the team.  Thanks to bigs coming in from the bench, Dolson got to get a breather and stay in good health for tonight and if they get the opportunity to play ND.

–     Tuck played a good overall game – sweet hook shot, rebounds and blocks and good hustle. Improving every game.

–     KML – More than worthy of the number she is wearing. She has grown from a 3 point shooter to a complete player.

The Bad – yes, there is bad to discuss.

–     Hartley’s shooting is still off, to the point that if she continues shooting from outside it will hurt the team. Also, she has no business driving in the lane when there is a lot of traffic – because she either loses the handle on the ball or she misses.  If she does shoot, she should stick to short jumpers because she is only effective right now from that distance. She is also great on fast breaks, but she should avoid shooting 3-pointers and focus on feeding the real 3-point shooters – Faris, KML, Jefferson, and even Stewie.

–     Doty has lost her impact value – her shots are way off and she also has lost her aggressiveness.  It appears that she has lost her desire. Her rebounds and assists and steals are way down and she seldom scores anymore.  She should be used sparingly, if that.

–     The team on defense – When there are subs in with some of the starters the defense appears out of sync.  When one or two key players for DePaul drove in, it seems like the entire UCONN defense shifted to one side of the court and it resulted in a couple of back doors on the weak side.  One of the bigs – Stokes or Tuck should not shift with the rest of the team to insure back doors are kept to a minimum.  A better opponent would milk that weakness dry.

Miscellaneous Notes: 

I believe Faris should be used sparingly tonight unless her play is critical to a victory.  Her value will be better utilized against ND as she regains strength in her ankle.

Even though Villanova lost last night, it might be worth looking at the game video to appreciate the incredible passing and plays they ran – and how they came from behind to almost win the game. They only lost because their star center suffered a concussion during the previous game. 

UCONN and Villanova – two good teams who suffered losses without their centers.

Lastly, for those who read about my T-shirt saga, I will be wearing my UCONN basketball t-shirt while watching the game tonight on ESPNU.  Go Huskies.


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