Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 16, 2013

Are Sandy Hook, CT and the State of Connecticut reasons behind the Boston Marathon bombings?

While searching the Internet for articles on the Boston Marathon bombing, I noticed that someone was trying to connect the deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary School to the Boston Marathon.  The number 26 was being used as the connector because 26 individuals died at Sandy Hook and the length of the marathon is roughly 26 miles long.  I know, that is really a stretch to tie the two tragic events together.

That would be like me saying that I have a connection with Ralph Samson, Danny Ainge, Jerry West and others because they all wore the number 44 and I was born in 1944.

Next, I went to the Huffington Post and the headline there was “Boston Heartbreak” and it made me think of Heartbreak Hill and how sad it would have been if explosives were planted there instead of the finish line.     

So many runners, when hitting Heartbreak Hill, end up dropping out because of its’ unique challenge.  Tying Heartbreak Hill to Sandy Hook and Newtown, CT is easy because Heartbreak Hill is in Newton, MA – even though the two towns are pronounced and spelled slightly differently, the connection would have been obvious.

So why am I suggesting that the culprits (I am being kind) behind the bombings might be using Newtown, CT as the reason behind their actions?

I believe all the attention being given to gun control – be it in trying to regulate reduce gun clip capacity, banning assault weapons, and requiring mandatory background checks is mostly due to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In addition, the State of Connecticut has recently enacted some of the strictest gun laws in the nation – so strict that some gun manufactures in the State of Connecticut are considering moving out of the state and to places across the country more in tune with the NRA and the 2nd Amendment.

There are many militant groups deeply troubled by what is going on in Congress and I am sure they blame the tragedy at Sandy Hook for the gun issue spiraling out of control.

So, why was the finish line chosen as the place to detonate bombs?  If there is a connection to Sandy Hook and the gun control issue, the answer is easy

  1. There were residents of Sandy Hook who participated in the Marathon.
  2. The last mile of the marathon, which includes the two bomb locations was dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook.
  3. Families of the Sandy Hook tragedy were honored by being seated in the V.I.P. section at the end of the marathon – right across from one of the explosions.

Another interesting tidbit is that Senator Elizabeth Warren recently said that pro-legalization Republican State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk), who is currently vying for the Republican nomination for Senate in Massachusetts’s upcoming special election has a 100 percent ranking from the gun lobby and he’s for the legalization of marijuana. He wants us armed and stoned.”

Senator Warren, in making those comments about Representative Dan Winslow, alienated gun rights advocates and pro-legalization advocates.

Any of the above issues could have made a dangerous cocktail of reasons for someone to strike out in an effort to make a strong statement on gun control, pro-legalization, and even marriage equality – all of which are hot buttons to so many Americans these days.

Even though this entire blog is based on speculation, the motivations I present here are as good as any I have read so far.


Comments appreciated

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