Posted by: kevinfortruth | April 28, 2013

Why won’t the FBI at least confirm bomb exercise during Boston Marathon?

Even more importantly, why won’t the Main Stream Media, aka MSM, even discuss the topic of whether or not the FBI and other agencies knew of a “credible” threat and that is why they had bomb-sniffing dogs at the start of the marathon and at the end of the Marathon as well?

One participant, Alastair Stevenson, a cross-country coach with the University of Mobile came forward talking about several things – one that was already discussed above – seeing bomb-sniffing dogs at the start of this year’s Boston Marathon.

Another thing he talked about was announcements advising participants not to be concerned with the heightened security because it was only an exercise.

Lastly, Stevenson said he also saw spotters with guns on rooftops at the beginning of the marathon – all of which have been denied by the FBI.

One would think the FBI would have bragged about having added security at the start of the marathon – especially considering it was hours before the first runner finished the race.   

I pondered all the possibilities as to why all government agencies are avoiding the topic.  The Air Force provided representatives from three squadrons of WMD units – one from Massachusetts, one from Rhode Island and the third from the State of New York.

The only plausible reason I can come up with for the FBI denying advanced warning is that by acknowledging they knew in advance of a credible threat to the Marathon would somehow make them look like a failure for not finding the explosives or the culprits before the bombs went off.

Another issue regarding the advanced knowledge has to do with how serious the threat was in the eyes of the government agencies in attendance to protect the marathon.  If the threat was perceived to be serious and they chose to not let participants and viewers at the scene know – some might hold the U. S. government partially responsible for deaths and injuries.

If I were the survivor of someone who died or was seriously injured I would be extremely angry that a warning was not given so individuals could determine whether to participate in or be at the marathon.

I read this morning that retailers are removing pressure cookers off their shelves, so what is next – blenders, food processors, espresso makers and fourth of July fireworks?

Pressure cookers are being taken off the shelves – yet we can still buy assault weapons at gun shows – without even a background check.  We no longer can kill or maim people with nails and ball bearings in pressure cookers, but we can still kill them on college campuses, theaters, and shopping centers with assault weapons and high capacity clips – that really confuses me.

So, why isn’t NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, and MSNBC and others not chasing down the story?  Why aren’t the media asking marathon participants to call, text, email or even tweet their knowledge or lack of knowledge regarding bomb sniffing dogs, loudspeaker messages or seeing spotters on rooftops?

Have government agencies, such as the FBI and NSA and Homeland Security, silenced the media?  If so, that would be a bigger story than the deaths and injuries that have drawn so much media attention.

So, in my effort to counter what the media are not doing, I am going to put up a few polling questions – simple ones and I am asking anyone who attended the marathon – as runners, family members, friends, and media representatives to answer the questions.

If individuals at the starting line heard loudspeakers advising them to not be concerned with the beefed up security because it was only an exercise, then it would help others understand what happened that day.  If enough individuals come forward and acknowledge that they saw and heard what Alastair Stevenson saw and heard, then the FBI would be forced to admit that they had beefed up security, possibly  because they somehow found out about a credible threat. 

Maybe the FBI is having a problem with the word, “credible.” 

What if someone asks the FBI if they were aware of any “potential” threats?  Would their answer to that question be different?

Protecting the entire 26.2 miles of a marathon is a daunting task – one that is damned near impossible to do perfectly year in and year out – especially if someone is hell-bent on causing death and destruction.

What really concerns me is if the FBI won’t even acknowledge the beefed up security, what else are they keeping from the public?

So, please answer the few polling questions and also leave a comment if you care to do so.

Another thing – the FBI had photos of the brothers – yet initially they acted like they did not know who they were – even though they had the oldest brother on their radar for at least three years.  The mother of the brothers has told the media the FBI had numerous interactions with the older brother spanning years – yet the FBI initially said they thought the brothers had only been in the United States for about a year.  Why would the FBI blatantly lie about how long the brothers had been in the United States?

When the truth came out about how long the FBI knew about the bombing suspects, the FBI then said that they checked them out and did not consider them to be a serious threat.

The waffling by the FBI reminded me of a quote by Donald Rumsfeld:

“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”

I believe most Americans do not want to know what they don’t know because if they learn of something then they will have to act on that knowledge.  They would rather bury their head in the sand than find out that their government knew of a credible sinister plot to cause death and destruction – yet decided not to warn those attending. 

The Boston Marathon was a lose-lose situation for those designated to prevent a terrorist attack.  If they cancelled the Marathon because of a “credible threat” and nothing happened, many would be upset because they came all the way to Boston to compete and could not do so.  On the other hand, look what actually happened – the marathon went on as planned, no warnings were given – but there were deaths and significant injuries.   Because of the carnage, the FBI feels it best to keep any knowledge of a credible threat a big dark secret.  If not, some individuals would say, “You guys knew there was a bomb threat and you still could not stop it?”

Again, please participate in the survey questions.  For each polling question – make your choice and click the “vote” button – then move on to the next question, etc.

Note: Even if you did not attend the marathon in person you might have seen bomb sniffing dogs or rooftop spotters during television coverage.

Here is one of the many links to interviews made by Allistair Stevenson

For those of you who do not like clicking on links, here is a brief summary of what Alastair Stevenson said, “At the start at the event, at the Athlete’s Village, there were people on the roof looking down onto the Village at the start. There were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives, and we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned and that it was just a drill. And maybe it was just a drill, but I’ve never seen anything like that — not at any marathon that I’ve ever been to. You know, that just concerned me that that’s the only race that I’ve seen in my life where they had dogs sniffing for explosions, and that’s the only place where there had been explosions.”

For those reading this who have not read the entire comment from Stevenson, he said he ran in many marathons – London, New York, Washington, D. C., Chicago, and Boston and has never seen security like he saw at this year’s Boston Marathon.



  1. Kevin,
    I understanding where you are coming from, here’s my feelings we should be aware of surrounding. Life is a risk would the people still gone to the Nationwide NASCAR race in Daytona where some of the fans got hurt.

    Yes they would because they like the thrill of the sport. I can guarantee that these fans will be back at a NACAR race. Just like they will be back at the marathon.

    In life we have to take a risk we just can’t be locked in our four walls of our homes. Granted I am not as old as you are but life doesn’t stop there.

    I have done a lot of high risk sports and I was married at the time when I used to Hang-glide, Para-glide, downhill skiing and yes I knew the risk of dying from doing the sport. Would I still do these high risk sports Hell yes if I wasn’t over weight.

    Why should people be afraid of going to a sporting event look life is a risk. We just live one day at a time. I look at life different than you do. You like to look and be safe where as I like the thrill of life if that’s doing high risk sport’s than it is.

    We just need to be more careful at sporting events and the surroundings around us. We just live day to day and do what we want to in life.
    Life is just too short to let others win.

    • Amiee, the analogy you gave between NASCAR and the Boston Marathon is a false one. If a car blows a tire and goes over the fence and into the stands, that is unfortunate luck.

      But, when you are going to the Marathon to cheer runners on, whether you know them or not, and there is a Homeland Security color flag up that is RED and you ask someone why the flag is RED and they say it is because a bomb threat was called in and it was called in by a known terrorist, I do not think you would take a chance staying there. I know that Homeland Security no longer uses the color codes, I was only using that as an example.

      It is not a win/lose situation – to me, it is if there is a credible bomb threat, i.e. there is a good chance that a bomb will go off and hurt and kill people, most sane individuals will choose not to go.

      I am older than you but age has nothing to do with it. I dont know why you brought up my age – I know our age difference. That was like someone bringing up weight differences and limitations someone might have.

      Lets add to the discussion. You are there viewing the race at the finish line and it is exactly 3:00 PM and they announce that a threat was called in and the terrorist said that a bomb is scheduled to go off at 3:04 exactly.

      Would you stay in the stands at the finish line to show those terrorists they cannot win over you?

      Is your life that bad that you would not get up and run for it? I, on the other hand, want to live to see another day. I would rather get up and leave the stands and walk around the corner to get some cover and safety. If the bomb did not go off, then BIG DEAL.

      Maybe you do not like life or living as much as I do.

      I have been up in a hot air baloon and even though I was nervous, I enjoyed it very much. But, if there were 20 balloons there and someone said that one of them was sure to catch on fire and crash that morning, I would rather cancel my plans.

      • Kevin, please email me. I have a question.

  2. Kevin,
    I liked your blog nice job on doing the research on it and taking the time out to do it. I used to run a lot of races I have done a few marathons in my life time.
    I have seen police at these events in the pass.

    I thought from what I saw on the news last Friday I was watching ABC Evening news and they were talking about the brothers and the mother they were saying that the CIA has known about the family and was aware of them and one of the brother’s was terrorists list.

    Supposedly he was taken off of the list, if he was on the list from what I have seen it’s hard to get off of the list. As you know Kevin our Government agencies don’t always communicate with each other.

    I think they should had let people known of a possible threat at the event. As if I was aware of this YES I would have still run the race because all off the time and effort it takes to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. You just can’t sign up and run any marathon it has to be one that you can qualify in to get to Boston.

    I have never qualified for it but my dad has and he ran it twice and I asked him if he knew about the threat he said he would still run it because it’s the Boston Marathon.

    Why should they take down stands at the end of the race people go there to cheer the runner’s on. We as a country are in the last 10 years are just starting to see and feel what other countries go through with terrorist acts on them.

    I remember the first time I flew out of Denver International Airport after 9/11 I saw police with machine guns. Before this you didn’t see this unless you flew over seas in there Airports the police carried them.

    We are still free to buy guns I do wish that they would close the loop hole on gun shows. As for high round mags for guns I will always have mix feelings on this Kevin. I have shot a gun that had a 50 round clip and it was a blast in emptying real fast.

    • Thanks for stopping by; The only reason I brought up assault weapons and high capacity clips is to show how ridiculous it is for store owners to be removing pressure cookers from store shelves.

      Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Tuscon, University of Texas tower, Waco, and others, but God forbid – two pressure cookers in Boston and the whole industry goes down the toilet.

      All I am asking for is background checks at gun shows.

      Nobody is suggesting that Americans should not have guns and no one is suggesting that people turn in their guns.

      As far as having a blast goes, it might be nice shooting a bazooka or a rocket propelled grenade, but we cannot – why aren’t you complaining that you cannot own a tank or a C-130 gunship?

      Lets drop the gun issue. PERIOD.

      Anyone who goes to the marathon and competes or waits at the finish line KNOWING there is a credible threat of a bomb going off needs to be institutionalized. To go somewhere and put yourself in harms way just to make sure that terrorists do not win is WACK-O.

      One father at the Boston Marathon lost a son and his daughter lost one leg and maybe the other will have to be removed as well. In addition, his wife is still being treated. I will bet my bottom dollar that if he knew there was a credible threat of a bomb going off somewhere at the marathon, he would not gamble with the lives of his family members.

      Sure, the terrorists might win if people leave the marathon if a bomb threat is announced – BUT they really win if people die and lose limbs BeCAUSE the people that watched the bombs going off – even if they were not injured – will sure as hell not attend the next one. This whole crap about Boston Strong is absolutely crazy.

      As far as the older brother being on a terrorist watch list because he could not be removed – that could not be further from the truth.

      His own mother said the FBI visited him many, many times. They were watching him and he was on their radar for years.

      If the older brother went overseas, after he was already being watched by the FBI, after he came back the FBI should have watched him more. If they were so worried about the Marathon that they ended up with 3 different AF ANG united looking for bombs, and other things like WMD (either chemical, biological, or radiological) they could have made a visit or two to the brothers the week leading up to the Marathon.

      The reason people are on the Watch List is because they are being watched.

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